Archeobotanical Consultant Justine McKnight and Martin Gallivan of the College of William and Mary served as project consultants, centralizing archaeological plant information, creating the Maryland Archeobotanical Database and preparing summaries of the data.

Sarah Byrd, Alexandra Martin, Carl Carlson-Drexler and Bradley Kennedy developed the Geographic Information System associated with the Maryland Archeobotanical Database and produced map resources.

At the Jefferson Patterson Park and Museum, Patricia Samford and Ed Chaney provided project direction and oversight.  Sharon Raftery designed the web pages and created pdfs of site reports for inclusion on the website.

At the Maryland Historical Trust, Mary Louise DeSarran Jennifer Cosham, Jennifer Chadwick-Moore, Maureen Kavanagh (retired) and Matthew McKnight, offered support throughout all stages of the project.    Jennifer Cosham developed an annotated inventory of Maryland sites containing archeobotanical data which served as a starting point for organizing the project and as a baseline for developing site summaries (link).

Doug Lyford, Greg Shuster and Ted Cozmo at the Maryland Department of Planning managed the database conversion from Access to Oracle and provided technical support to all aspects of website development.

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