The Larrimore Shipyard site (18AN1060) consists of an 18th-century submerged timber structure, possibly used for boat launching or careening.  The site is located on the South River in Anne Arundel County

Archaeological Investigations

A submerged sites walkover survey was conducted by Bruce Thompson and Jim Gibb.  They found two parallel lines of timbers approximately 12 to 15 feet apart with a 5% slope continuing approximately 40 feet into the South River.  The submerged structural remains have a possible association with shipbuilding operations at the site dating to the 1730s.

Archeobotanical Studies

Wood fibers from two structural members identified during underwater excavation of the Larrimore Shipyard site were submitted to analyst Justine McKnight for identification.  The samples were collected from intact portions of a wooden stringer and joist belonging to a marine structure.

 The stringer sample was identified as one of a number of yellow or hard pine species.  Many of the key diagnostic features of the joist sample had been obliterated by post-depositional processes.  The joist was made from an indeterminate coniferous taxa.


McKnight, Justine
1988 Analysis of marine Timbers from the Larrimore II Site (18AN1060), London, Anne Arundel County,
Report submitted to the Lost Towns Project, Annapolis.

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