The Albemarle Row House II site (18BC49) is an early 19th to late 20th-century brick row house.  The building stood at 46 Albemarle Street.  The administration building for the Baltimore City Life Museums later encompassed the area closest to the street, and the back yard of the site was preserved under a brick-paved courtyard.

Archaeological Investigations

This site consists of the basement and backyard of a typical Baltimore row house, including a partial brick basement floor, sewer pipe, backyard fill, wood-lined pit, French drain, and row house brick and stone foundations.  A large amount of kiln furniture was found at this site.  Floral and faunal analyses were performed, and wood samples were taken and identified.

Archeobotanical Studies

Floral and faunal analyses were performed by Cheryl A. Holt.  Wood identification was performed by the Center for Wood Anatomy Research, U.S. Forest Products Laboratory, in Madison, WI.  Results of the analyses are not locatable at this time, and the data s are not yet integrated into the Maryland Archeobotanical Database.


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