Site 18CH350 is located on the 2,000 Wollaston Manor owned and occupied by Captain James Neale during the 17th century.  Historic occupations continue by the Neale family through the third quarter of the 18th century until the building burned in the 20th century.

Archaeological Investigations

Targeted data recoveries at 18CH350 by Archeological Testing and Consulting, Inc., for the Swan Point Development Company, LLC involved block excavation using 5-foot squares and a limited number of exploratory trenches and smaller units.  Fifteen units were excavated, with nine dedicated to the dwelling cellar hole, four to the rear addition area, and two to the oyster shell midden located to the rear of the house.  A total of 22 natural and cultural features was discovered, and over 30,000 artifacts were produced.  Artifacts spanned an array of functional types, but were dominated by architectural materials, faunal remains, and domestic items.  The mean ceramic date for 18CH350 is 1826.  Recovered material culture from the site suggests that its occupants were of middle to upper socio-economic status.

Archeobotanical Studies

Floral remains from site 18CH350 were recovered through soil waterscreening of 66 samples.  Recovered plant remains include two unidentified seeds and 22 samples of wood charcoal.


Hill, Philip et al.
2010 Phase III Archeological Data Recoveries of Sites 18CH350 and 18CH354 as Part of The Villages at Swan Point, Swan Point, Charles County, Maryland.  Submitted to Swan Point Development Company, LLC, Baltimore.

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