Located within Pine Valley Park in  Manchester, Carroll County, Site 18CR267 is a Middle Archaic and Late Archaic period camp located at the base of a protective rock outcropping in an area of multiple springs.

Archaeological Investigations

The Pine Valley Park site has been the subject of Phase I and Phase II testing.  Thirty five shovel test were excavated on a grid pattern, and six test units were excavated, which yielded prehistoric stone tools- spearpoints, knives, performs, fragmented bifaces, a think rhyolite axe head blade fragment, a flake engraver, a drill bit tip, utilized flakes, waste flakes, mircro-flake debitage, fire-cracked-rock, and schist rock predominantly associated with Late Archaic period occupation of the site.  Storage pit and fire pit remnants were identified below the plowzone.

Archeobotanical Studies

Two flotation samples and a single sample of hand-collected carbon were submitted for macro-botanical analysis in an effort to determine the condition and integrity of archaeological plant remains preserved at the site. 

The flotation samples (original soil volume unknown) were analyzed from Feature 4 (a shallow basin).  The samples contained natural debris, including uncarbonized root fibers and insect egg cases.  One of the samples contained five types of non-carbonized seeds.  The other sample was devoid of plant materials.  A history of disturbance is indicated.

A single hand-collected carbon sample from Feature 4 was also examined.  This sample was composed of a soil matrix with visible wood charcoal inclusions.  Red oak and hickory wood charcoal fragments were identified.


Israel, Stephen
2009 Letter report: Newly Discovered Late Archaic Prehistoric site in Pine Valley Park, Manchester, Carroll,
County, Maryland.  On file Maryland Historical Trust.
McKnight, Justine
2009 Report on the Analysis of Flotation-recovered and hand-collected Plant Remains from the Pine
Valley Park Site
.  Report submitted to Stephen Israel.

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