Site 18PR143 contains evidence of Early, Middle, and Late Woodland period short-term resource procurement camps.

Archaeological Investigations

This site was identified by William M. Gardner of Catholic University in March 1976, during a Phase I survey of two streams for the Washington Suburban Sanitary Commission (WSSC). Between May and July 1976, Phase II/III excavations were carried out by Catholic University graduate students Joseph McNamara and William P. Boyer. A report was produced in August of that year by R. Michael Stewart.

18PR143 consisted of a series of short-term resource procurement camps. A small Early Woodland period Accokeek component was seen in both loci of the site, as was a more substantial Middle Woodland period Pope's Creek component with hearths, along with Late Woodland period Potomac Creek camps, also with hearths. A small possible Late Woodland period Townsend-Rappahannock occupation is also indicated.

Archeobotanical Studies

Flotation samples were marked on the forms as analyzed by the Archeology Lab of Catholic University. However, no discussion is included in the preliminary report on the project or in Michael Stewart's report.


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           Catholic University of America.

Stewart, R. Michael
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           Catholic University of America.


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