The Beechwood site (18PR579) is an 18th through 20th century farmstead with standing frame structure and associated artifact concentration. The site is located in Prince Georges County.

Archaeological Investigations

Phase I and II investigations at Beechwood Plantation were conducted by R. Christopher Goodwin & Associates, Inc. in advance of a proposed development project.

Phase II testing recovered over 4,000 18th to 20th century artifacts in two concentrations (Locus A, Locus B). These artifacts relate primarily to architectural and kitchen functions. Several intact cultural features were identified around the standing structure, including a complex of granite walls from a pre-1913 building, a posthole, and a variety of pits.

Archeobotanical Studies

Five wood samples from various architectural elements associated with Beechwood Plantation house were submitted to Justine McKnight for identification. Wood samples were collected from well-preserved posts and from floor planking belonging to a probable domestic structure.

Examination of the Beechwood wood fibers revealed that they were in excellent condition, with most aspects of diagnostic structure intact. The wood assemblage was composed exclusively of yellow or hard pine species (Pinus spp.). Various species of the hard pine group occupy a broad range of environmental zones from New Jersey south to the Mississippi River delta. They are indistinguishable based on minute structure. Hard pines have a long history of economic importance throughout the southern and eastern United States. Due to their strength, stiffness, hardness, and shock-resistance properties, this group of pines is well-suited for use as structural timbers in building construction, planning-mill products, millwork, and flooring.


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