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Copper alloy button back with a dark black or purple glass inset, flat on the front and beveled at the edge. The copper corrosion of the button back is toxic to microorganisms, which likely explains how some fabric that was in contact with the button survived and is still attached to the button back. The weave is visible, and the fabric is probably linen.


Site: 18CH354 Bateman/Swan Point

Context: Lot 321, Square 2, Feature 2, Layer 12b

Context Date Range: c. 1750-1780

Material: Copper alloy and glass

Diameter: 0.48” (12.1 mm)

Link Length: At least 0.44” (11.1 mm)

Copper alloy button settings with colorless molded glass insets. The design molded on the back of the inset appears to be a single flower bloom with its stem and two leaves.