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Oval colorless inset with a smooth rounded cabochon top and a back molded with the word “LIBERTY” in reverse so that it would show through the inset. Flat copper alloy button with a heavily worn floral motif. There appears to be one four-petaled flower with the petals on the long axis of the oval shape larger than the petals on the short axis. Discoloration on the back is the artifact label. Copper alloy button setting with a bright blue ovoid faceted inset. The scalloped edge of the setting holding the inset and the oval shape are characteristics that appeared in the second half of the 18th century.
18APX12 18BA100 18CH354
Oval-shaped sleeve link with a scalloped metal edge surrounding a colorless inset molded on the back with the pattern of a single rose. The back of this button is also decorated with a texture like a basket weave spiraling out from the center.   White metal oval link, possibly silver. There is no evidence of decoration, but the link has been burned and is covered in soot.




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