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Smoker's Companions by Site

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18KE292 Buck Site

c. 1660-1700

18HA30 Old Baltimore

c. 1680-1710s

18CV83 King’s Reach

c. 1689-1711

18FR72 Heater’s Island

1699 - c. 1712

18QU30 Coursey ("My Lord's Gift")

c. 1695-1730

18ST390 Mattapany-Sewall

c. 1666-1740

18PR703 Garrett's Chance

c. 1690s-1740s

18CV91 Smith’s St. Leonard

c. 1711-1754

18QU28 Bennett's Point

c. 1675-1765

18CV60 Angelica Knoll

c. 1650-1770

18AN39 Saunders Point

c. 1700-1790s

18PR6 Mount Calvert

Historic Date Range c. 1690s-1950

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