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Site: 18AN339 Java

Context: Lot 392, Unit 59, N 1105 E -1050, Stratum 1, Plowzone

Site Date Range: c. 1652-1890

Metal: Copper alloy

Arm Length: ~2.9” (~74 mm)

Neck Length: 0.97” (24.6 mm)

Rowel Box Length: 0.47” (11.9 mm)

Rowel Box Width: Not measured

Rowel Diameter: < 0.94” (< 23.9 mm)

Copper alloy spur with straight, tapered arms and a neck bent slightly downward. A slight lip differentiates the neck from the arms. The terminal has two stationary studs. A loop for the buckle attachment remains, indicating that the terminal present was on the outside of the boot, and this spur was for the right foot.