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Site: 18CV279 Compton

Context: Lot 168.016, Feature 3,
Level 2, East Half, Refuse Pit. 

Context Date Range: c. 1651-1665

Metal: Copper alloy

Arm Length: 3” (77 mm)

Neck Length: ~1.4” (30 mm)

Rowel Box Length:  ~0.9” (23 mm)

Rowel Box Width:  0. 2” (5 mm)

Rowel Diameter: <1.7” (< 43 mm)

Copper alloy spur with curved arms and bent neck.  Evidence of tinning remains at the terminals.  The spur is bent out of shape, which may be post-depositional damage, but it looks like it might have been deliberately bent to make the sides straight instead of curved.