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Site: 18CV91 Smith's Saint Leonard

Context: Lot 256, Unit 8540, Layer B, unplowed midden in the stable area. This midden may represent the early occupation of the site, but the artifact analysis is not complete and a date range for the specific context is not yet available.

Site Date Range: c. 1711-1754

Metal: Iron

Arm Length: Unmeasurable

Neck Length: 0.75” (19 mm)

Rowel Box Length:  0.32” (8.3mm)

Rowel Box Width at Axis: 0.1” (3 mm)

Rowel Diameter: < 0.64” (< 16 mm)

Iron spur with straight arms and short flared neck.  The thickness of the rowel box increases at the axis, but this may be from damage.