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Site: 18CV91 Smith's Saint Leonard

Context: Lot 266, Unit 8740, Layer B, unplowed midden in the stable area. This midden may represent the early occupation of the site, but the artifact analysis is not complete and a date range for the specific context is not yet available.

Site Date Range: c. 1711-1754

Metal: Iron

Arm Length: ~2.2” (55 mm)

Neck Length: 0.81” (20.6 mm)

Rowel Box Length:  0.34” (8.6 mm)

Rowel Box Width:  0.08” (2 mm)

Rowel Diameter: < 0.68” (< 17 mm)

Spread at Terminals: ~ 2.4” (62 mm)

Description: Iron spur with straight arms and short flared neck.  X-radiography reveals a figure-eight terminal with hanging hooks for spur leathers.  No core metal remained for these portions, only cloudy outlines, so the terminals and hooks did not survive conservation.  Measurements of the whole spur were taken from the x-ray.