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Site: 18DO58 Horne Point

Context: Lot 70, Unit 43B, Occupation or destruction layer below plowzone inside the house foundation

Context Date Range: c. 1670-1770s

Metal: Iron

Arm Length: Unmeasurable

Neck length: Unmeasurable

Rowel Box Length:  Unmeasurable

Rowel Box Width:  Unmeasurable

Rowel Diameter: Unmeasurable

Iron spur with straight arms and a straight neck.   The terminals and end of the neck are missing.  The arms are 0.5” (14 mm) wide at the heel, but they narrow abruptly to 0.2” (5 mm) wide at about 1.4” (35 mm) from the neck.  Although there is some breakage, this abrupt narrowing appears to be its original form rather than the result of breakage on gradually tapered arms.