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Site: 18QU30 Coursey

Context: Lot 295, Feature 5, Level 4, Root Cellar

Site Date Range: c. 1695-1730

Metal: Copper alloy

Buckle Frame Length: 1.076” (27.3 mm)

Buckle Frame Width: 0.849” (21.5 mm)

Buckle Chape Length: Unmeasurable


Copper alloy spur buckle with iron tang. The chape is broken at the end where a loop would have been to attach the buckle to the spur. The buckle is coated with a silver metal; probably tinning. The back of the buckle chape is marked “Samuel Martin” for the maker. A Samuel Martin spur and buckle has also been found at James Madison’s Montepelier in Virginia (See Crouch (2006) says this type of spur has a mid-late 18th-century date, but no sources are offered to back up this date. The context of this example points to an early 18th-century date. This buckle probably goes with the spur fragment found in the same feature and level.