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Courtesy Naval District Washington, Naval Air
Station Patuxent River, Webster Field Annex.  

Site: 18ST330 Fly/St. Inigoes Manor House

Context: 18ST330, Lot 93, Unit 3, filled cellar hole in what was probably the main house from
c. 1680-1750.  Fill seems to have accumulated after c. 1700.

Context Date Range: c. 1705-1750

Metal: Copper alloy with iron rowel

Arm Length: Unmeasurable

Neck Length: 1.1” (28 mm)

Rowel Box Length:  0.46” (12 mm)

Rowel Box Width: Unmeasurable

Rowel Diameter: < 0.92” (< 23 mm)

Copper alloy spur with straight, tapered arms
and a neck bent slightly downward.  A slight lip differentiates the neck from the arms.  The terminals are missing.  Corrosion indicates that the rowel had been iron.