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18PR175 Oxon Hill/Addison

Context: Lot 8795, Feature 329, entry area for a passageway leading to a storage cellar/ militia arms warehouse from a late 17th-century structure that burned down in the 1730s.

Context Date Range: c. 1689-1730s

Metal: Iron

Height: 4.4” (11.2 cm)

Width: 4.1” (10.5 cm)

Platform Width: 0.7” (1.8 cm)

Matching U-shaped swivel stirrups with barred platforms. Decorative lines have been filed into the metal (sketched). The outer bars of the grid-style platform have serrated tops for gripping boots and the center bar of the grid is twisted. The fire that burned the passageway is probably responsible for the unusually good iron preservation and the visibility of the decoration.