Maryland Archeobotany

Until now, Maryland’s archeobotanical data have been poorly organized and widely scattered. This website offers a unique resource that centralizes these in a publicly-accessible and user-friendly format.

Project components include summaries of archaeological sites bearing archeobotanical data, a searchable database of archaeological plant remains and interpretive essays and resources on the history of Maryland’s landscapes.

These resources draw on decades of research in the state and reflect the current understanding of Maryland’s archeobotanical history. The growing emphasis on archaeological plant studies in our region is helping to paint a more complete picture of the complex relationships between humans and the natural world.

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Maryland's Environment: A 20,000 Year History of Change - pdf.

Series of small images of samples archeobotany work

Random Archeobotanical Fact:
Native nuts (hickories, black walnut, beech, chestnut, chinquapin and acorn) have always been important food staples to Marylanders.

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