The Coulson Farmstead Site (18DO485) is a multicomponent site located within the Blackwater National Wildlife Refuge (United States Fish and Wildlife Service) in Dorchester County.  The site has yielded a prehistoric lithic scatter, evidence of a late eighteenth through early twentieth century farm, and a Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC) camp (ca. 1930).

Archaeological Investigations

The site was identified in November of 2010 by Richard Grubb & Associates, Inc. during a Phase I archaeological identification survey conducted at the refuge in advance of a construction project to expand the visitor center and improve the existing parking lot.  The site was found to be within the area of proposed impacts, and a Phase II assessment survey was conducted.

Concentrations of historic artifacts (3,675), five features (three tree disturbances, a small pit, and a shallow basin were identified).  A pre-contact component was also identified based on two jasper chipped stone artifacts and debitage and a quartz chipped stone artifact.

Archeobotanical Studies

A preliminary assessment of two flotation samples was conducted as part of Richard Grubb & Associates, Inc., Phase II Archaeological investigation of the J. Coulson farmstead.  Two one-gallon flotation samples secured from Feature 4, a basin-shaped pit feature identified at the base of the plowzone and containing predominantly historic artifacts.

The samples were composed of a gravel matrix containing modern root fibers and insect body parts.  Both samples contained wood charcoal fragments, spherical carbon residue (silca droplets) and uncarbonized seeds.  The archeobotanist (McKnight) interpreted the seeds as modern intrusions into the archaeological record.  Based on the preliminary assessment, a full analysis was not recommended.


McKnight, Justine W.
2011 Letter Report.  Submitted to Richard Grubb & Associates, Inc., Cranbury, New Jersey.  January 12.
Walker, Jesse
2010 Phase I Archaeological Identification Survey and Phase II Archaeolgoical Assessment survey, Visitor Center, Tract 14a, Blackwater National Wildlife Refuge, Ninth Election District, Dorchester County, Maryland (FWS/Region 5/BA-CGS).  Richard Grubb & Associates, Inc.  (MHT # DO71).

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