The McCausland Tavern Site (18HA234) describes the site of an historic hotel with occupations spanning the late eighteenth through early twentieth centuries.  The property is located in the southeast quadrant of the intersection of Routes 440 and 136 in Harford County.

Archaeological Investigations

Historical sources indicate that George McCausland built a tavern at this location before 1809 and that T.J. McCausland built a residence on site in 1870.  A concentration of historic artifacts defines the site.  Phase II testing by the Maryland State Highway Administration in 1992 identified intact early nineteenth century midden deposits present in undisturbed portions of the site, as well as subsurface features.  Artifact analysis provided information on site function and special organization and analysis also revealed changes in artifact patterns that may reflect changes in site function through time.

Archeobotanical Studies

Three flotation samples were processed and analyzed from the north half of Feature 1 – a shallow pit – excavated during the Phase II research effort.  Feature 1 underlies an historic midden identified within Test Unit 2 and dates to the early and middle nineteenth century.  Three samples measuring two liters each in volume were processed using a flot-tech flotation machine.  A total of 27.32 grams of carbonized plant macroremains were recovered (an average of 4.553 grams per liter of feature fill).  A variety of wild and cultivated plants were represented in the assemblage.  These include a predominance of wood charcoal (hickory, oak and maple were best-represented); carbonized maize, beans and possibly wheat/oats and the carbonized seeds of fleshy fruits (huckleberry, blackberry).


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McKnight, Justine W.
Report on the Analysis of Three Flotation Samples from Feature 1 at the McCausland Tavern Site (18HA234).  Town of Dublin, Harford County, Maryland.

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