Dallam, or Fanny’s Inheritance (Site 18HA312) is a house site with occupations spanning the eighteenth through mid twentieth century.  The site also contains evidence of Late Archaic period discarded material culture.  The site is located north of Maryland Boulevard on the grounds of Aberdeen Proving Grounds. 

Archaeological Investigations

Phase I investigations at Dallam in 2009 included a pattern of shovel tests at 15 meter intervals followed by 7.5 meter interval shovel test delineation in some areas.  459 historic artifacts were recovered during this phase of work, but no subsurface features were identified.

Phase II testing followed, with a series of 20 1x1 meter test units and two half-meter wide slit trenches.  Phase II excavations produced 7,436 artifacts, including diagnostics spanning the early 1770’s through the mid 1930’s.  Well preserved vertical integrity was evidenced and six cultural features – including pit, wall and post features – were identified.

Phase III data recovery in 2010 included mechanical stripping of over 900 m2 and hand excavation totaling 101.25 m2.  Data recovery focused on investigating three residential areas of the site.  A total of 28,463 cultural artifacts were collected during the Phase III effort, including 28,461 historic period artifacts and two prehistoric lithic artifacts.

Archeobotanical Studies

Plant studies associated with Phase III data recovery investigations at Site 18HA312 included the flotation of cultural sediment for the recovery of plant macro-remains.  The report indicates that wood charcoal, nuts seed, pits were recovered, taxonomic identifications were not attempted.


Hornum, Michael B., Melissa Crosby, Sean P. Coughlin, Peter Godwin, and Jarrod Burks
2011 Phase III Archeological Data Recovery Survey at Site 18HA312 for the G.A.T.E Enhanced Use Leasing Area, Aberdeen Proving Ground, Harford County, Maryland.  R. Christopher Goodwin & Associates, Inc.  MHT # HA119 (2 vols).

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