Prehistoric Ceramics

Three mended prehistoric pots from MAC Lab Collections.

Ware Description

Each ware definition page is set up with the structure shown below, and can be accessed through the menu bar above or by clicking on the Woodland Period Ceramics Link on the left:

Ware Name

Defining Attributes
Presents the most diagnostic features of the ware in general terms.

Presents the accepted time range that this ware is found on
Maryland archaeological sites and in surrounding regions. 

Describes where this ware is found in Maryland.


Describes the paste texture and tempering agents used.

Surface Treatment
Describes the appearance of the surfaces that show various manufacturing processes.

Purposeful marks and designs on the vessels for ornamentation.

Describes vessel shapes and sizes.

Defined in the Literature 
Presents the history of how the ware has been defined, and more recent information when available.

Type Site
Archaeological site where this ware was first identified and defined.

Maryland Sites with components of "Ware Name"
Sites located in Maryland that have large components of this ware. An asterisk (*) indicates which sites have collections housed at the Maryland Archaeological Conservation Lab.

>Radiocarbon Dates
Date Sample #  Site Feature Reference

Radiocarbon table provides selected dates that are considered to reflect generally accepted date ranges and individual Maryland-specific dates. New dates will be added to these tables when the information becomes available.


Provides the references used in the definition text. Each reference is linked to the bibliography so that when clicked the full citation is shown.





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