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Authors & Contributors -  Text, design, and graphics by: Sara Rivers Cofield; Artifact photographer and the original “idea” woman behind this exhibit: Caitlin Shaffer; Text on ceramics contributed by: Patricia Samford; Text on seeds contributed by: Alex Glass; Conversion to web format by: Sharon Raftery; Copy editing by: Ed Chaney; Special Thanks to: Starz For allowing the non-commercial use of images from Outlander for this exhibit; Erik Goldstein For expert consultation on colonial coins, blade weapons, and firearms; Jim House For fabrication and maintenance of the Artifacts of Outlander traveling exhibit;Board of Trustees of the Maryland Historical Trust For funding the cases needed to allow Artifacts of Outlander to travel; and Sherwana Knox For communicating with Starz on behalf of JPPM. All artifacts in this exhibit are from the Maryland Archaeological Conservation Laboratory (MAC Lab) at Jefferson Patterson Park and Museum (JPPM). The MAC Lab and JPPM are part of the Maryland Historical Trust, which is a division of the Maryland Department of Planning. The artifacts featured in the exhibit are owned by the Maryland Historical Trust, with the exception of those pictured (left and below), which are owned by Federal agencies that curate their collections at the MAC Lab: Tin-glazed plate and wig curlers owned by the U.S. Postal Service; The strap buckle, lead shot, bone die, silver cross reliquary pendant, scabbard tip, tobacco box lid, and window leads shown here are owned by the Naval Air Station Patuxent River and its Webster Field Annex, Naval District Washington. References - The artifact essays in this online exhibit relied on many sources, some of which are quoted or otherwise mentioned in the text. Although in-text citations and footnotes were not used for aesthetic reasons, we include the sources here for those who are interested in reading more.