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Exhibit Schedule - October-November 2016 - Jefferson Patterson Park & Museum, Saint Leonard, Maryland; December 2016– January 2017 - C. Burr Artz Public Library, Frederick, Maryland; February 19-21, 2017-Small Museum Association Conference, College Park, Maryland; March-April 2017-Cecil County Library, Elkton, Maryland; May-June 2017 -Belair Mansion, Bowie, Maryland; October-November 2017-Harford County Public Library, Belcamp, Maryland. How to host the Exhibit:Anyone interested in hosting the Artifacts of Outlander exhibit should contact Patricia Samford for scheduling and information on costs: patricia.samford@maryland.gov; 410-586-8551. Image of Outlander Artifact Catolog links to the pdf of the catalog. Caption reads:Click image to download the exhibit catalog for details about the artifacts. The Artifacts of Outlander traveling exhibit consists of four artifact cases with upright panels and two stands with upright panels. It also travels with a full-size cut out of Jamie Fraser, an exhibit catalog, and a comment book. The exhibit works best when set up as an island in a central location that people can walk around, but it also works along a wall, or broken up along a few walls in a smaller space. See the dimensions below for more details. The Artifacts of Outlander traveling exhibit is suitable for libraries, museums, and other indoor public venues within a few hours driving distance of JPPM in St. Leonard, Maryland. The exhibit is usually loaned for a period of two months, but this is negotiable depending on existing bookings and the availability of JPPM staff to do delivery and take-down. Set-up generally takes two JPPM staff members about two hours, while take-down is typically done in an hour. The timing of delivery and take-down will depend on how far the venue is from JPPM. JPPM does not charge a fee for the exhibit, but we do require borrowing institutions to reimburse JPPM at cost for the staff time and fuel expenses needed to take care of set-up and take-down.  These expenses will vary with distance, so please contact MAC Lab Director Patricia Samford to get on the schedule and receive a quote (patricia.samford@maryland.gov). Exhibit hosts must enter into a standard loan agreement with JPPM, which will be coordinated by MAC Lab Collections Assistant Erin Wingfield once the booking is scheduled. Dimensions - Slàinte Case: 45 in. long x 20 in. deep x 62 in. high; Sassenach Soldiers Case: 45 in. long x 20 in. deep x 64 in. high; Jamie’s Mount & Going Armed Case: 45 in. long x 20 in. deep x 77.5 in. high; Claire’s Surgery Case: 45 in. long x 20 in. deep x 77.5 in. high; Bonny Wee Baubles Stand: 40 in. long x 14 in. deep x 76 in. high; Buttons, Buckles, & Blades Stand: 40 in. long x 14 in. deep x 76 in. high. The total height of the exhibit with the title banner is 83 in. Arranged as an island, the cases and stands together take up an area of floor space that is about 4 ft. x 9 ft. (see figure below). If arranged along a wall, the cases for Jamie’s Mount and Claire’s Surgery must go together to be able to hold the backdrop and title banner, so at least one stretch of wall space is needed that is 7.5 ft. long. The other cases and panels can stand alone.When arranged as an island, the two stands bookend the cases, making for a relatively compact layout. The exhibit takes up an area of floor space that is about 4 ft. x 9 ft.  The exhibit comes with a larger than life cut out  of Jamie Fraser that is perfect for photo ops, as well as an exhibit catalog offering more details about the artifacts, and a comment book to provide feedback. Click this link to open the exhibit catalog. Click this link to open the exhibit catalog. Image of the Artifacts of Outlander Exhibit Catalog with site details and references. Click on imageto download the catalog in pdf format. email for Patricia Samford: patricia.samford@maryland.gov