Visiting the MAC Lab

The MAC Lab welcomes scholars interested in using our artifact collections or Library for research. For more information, see the Jefferson Patterson Park and Museum contact page or contact the Curator of State Collections.

Researchers who wish to inquire about any of the collections found on this web site should note the site name or number(s) of interest, as the collections are accessed by site. Arrangements can be made to provide access to these collections as needed. The MAC Lab has research space for working with the collections, a library of site reports and other material (often including field notes), and a variety of analytical equipment.

The Maryland Archaeological Conservation Laboratory offers the Gloria S. King Fellowship in Archaeology for projects using MAC lab collections.

Free staff-led MAC Lab tours are offered the first Friday of every month at 1 PM, and from April thru November there are docent tours every Thursday at 11 AM and 1. Reservations not required. Group tours can be arranged for other times; a minimal charge may apply. Call Ed Chaney at 410-586-8554 or email for more information.

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