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Site NumberSite Name# FeaturesCountySite TypeBrief Description
18AG23Second Terrace1AlleganyPrehistoricEarly and Late Archaic and Early Woodland short-term resource procurement and lithic reduction camp
18AG44Wallizer9AlleganyPrehistoricLate Woodland village with Archaic and Middle Woodland occupations
18AG160Wild Turkey1AlleganyPrehistoricLate/Terminal Archaic tool manufacturing site
18AG183Romsburg Site3AlleganyHistoric/PrehistoricEarly to Late Archaic short-term camp, Historic Unknown
18AG186Evitts Creek 11AlleganyPrehistoricEarly & Late Archaic and Early, Middle & Late Woodland short-term camps, possible base camp
18AG206Mechanic Street South43AlleganyHistoric19th- to early 20th-century urban neighborhood
18AG215Lonaconing8AlleganyHistoric19th- to 20th-century town
18AG227Crescent Lawn41AlleganyHistoricMid-19th- to early 20th-century foundry, housing, lumberyard, millrace & canal boat buildings & repair yard
18AG229A-11AlleganyPrehistoricEarly & Late Archaic and probable Early and Late Woodland short-term resource procurement camp
18AG234D-11AlleganyHistoric/PrehistoricLate Archaic and Early, Middle & Late Woodland short-term camps, mid- 19th- to 20th-century artifact scatter
18AN19Dorr Site3Anne ArundelHistoric/PrehistoricMulticomponent site with Woodland component and two scatters, 18th and 19th C., historic artifacts
18AN39Saunders Point1Anne ArundelHistoricMid-18th-century cellar or storage feature
18AN65Beck NE Site7Anne ArundelPrehistoricMiddle Woodland shell midden, stratified Late Archaic to Early Woodland short-term camps
18AN113Obrecht's27Anne ArundelPrehistoricEarly to Late Woodland base camp and village
18AN143Luce Creek2Anne ArundelPrehistoricMiddle Woodland shell midden
18AN279Rose Haven16Anne ArundelPrehistoricSingle component Middle Woodland
18AN398Kelly Pool2Anne ArundelHistoric/PrehistoricArchaic lithic scatter; late 18th- to mid-19th-century tenant house site
18AN400Intersection6Anne ArundelHistoric/PrehistoricLate Archaic and Woodland short-term resource procurement. Late 19th-century blacksmith shop and refuse midden
18AN408DCC 21Anne ArundelHistoric/PrehistoricLate Archaic base camp, Early, Middle and Late Woodland short-term resource procurement camps. Historic scatter
18AN489Higgins Site26Anne ArundelHistoric/PrehistoricPaleoindian - Late Woodland multi-component base camp, lithic workshop, mid-19th- to early 20th-century scatter
18AN497Benson-Hammond5Anne ArundelHistoric19th-century standing house, farmstead
18AN498Hawkins Road 1/ Boehm1Anne ArundelHistoricLate 17th- or early to mid-18th-century house site, mid- to late 18th-century house site
18AN500Fischer Site3Anne ArundelHistoricLate 19th- to early 20th-century African-American tenant house ruin
18AN512Belt Residence3Anne ArundelHistoricc. 1900 small tenant house site
18AN579Timbuktu #19Anne ArundelPrehistoricLate Archaic quartz cobble quarry
18AN580Koppers East1Anne ArundelPrehistoricEarly & Late Archaic lithic scatter/short-term resource camp
18AN596The Wilderness13Anne ArundelHistoric19th-century German-American farmstead, possible forge
18AN817Stephen Steward Shipyard8Anne ArundelHistoric18th-century shipyard
18AN998Lee2Anne ArundelHistoric/PrehistoricLate 18th- to early 19th-century dwelling, possible tenant house, Late Archaic to Middle Woodland lithic scatter
18AN1000Larkington10Anne ArundelHistoric/PrehistoricL. Archaic and E. & M. Woodland short-term camps/shell middens; 18th-early 19th & Late 19th-Early 20th houses
18AN1151B. Smith Site16Anne ArundelHistoricLate 18th- to early 19th-century house site; mid 19th- to mid 20th- century house site; late 19th- century tenant house
18AP14Victualling Warehouse11AnnapolisHistoric19th-century brick standing warehouse, 18th-century warehouse site
18AP37Retallick-Brewer House8AnnapolisHistoricLate 18th c. standing structure in Annapolis
18AP39Newman Street4AnnapolisHistoric18th- to 20th centutry residential and commercial
18AP42State House Inn12AnnapolisHistoric19th-20th century standing inn structure
18AP52Gott's Court63AnnapolisHistoric18th- to 19th-century commercial district and 20th-century African-American enclave in Annapolis
18AP53John Brice II (Jennings-Brice) House7AnnapolisHistoricDomestic site in Annapolis
18AP64Maynard Burgess House40AnnapolisHistoricStanding structure that was home to two African American families from 1850 to 1980
18AP75209 Main Street4AnnapolisHistoricTwo trash pits associated with a late 17th- and early 18th-century tavern
18AP80Gateway Circle35AnnapolisHistoric19th- and 20th-century urban rowhouse community, possibly African American
18AP84Dunn Site3AnnapolisHistoricArchaeology revealed 18th c. midden associated with a tavern
18AP113West Street Lot 263AnnapolisHistoricUrban backyard site in downtown Annapolis
18BA71UMBC2Baltimore CountyPrehistoricArchiac, Woodland short-term resource procurement
18BA100Howard - McHenry Mill8Baltimore CountyHistoric19th-century mill and tenancy
18BA106Painters Mill/ Painters Camp7Baltimore CountyPrehistoricEarly Archaic to Late Woodland base camp
18BA158TDJ - Field N (2)3Baltimore CountyPrehistoricMiddle and Late Archaic, Woodland unknown
18BA196Granite Manufacturing Mill5Baltimore CountyHistoricMid-19th-century mill/factory
18BA282Banneker10Baltimore CountyHistoricearly 18th to early 19th-century African-American farmstead
18BA283Treuth Residence4Baltimore CountyHistoric/Prehistoricmid-19th-century structure.; late 18th-century possible residence re-used as a barn or garage; prehistoric scatter
18BA313MAAR Feature II6Baltimore CountyHistoricFour mid-19th-century connected houses
18BA314Workers Barracks27Baltimore CountyHistoricmid- to late 19th-century immigrant Irish workers' housing
18BA325Poe-Burns Duplex26Baltimore CountyHistoricMid-19th-century standing residential duplex
18BA330Dolfield Summer House Complex8Baltimore CountyHistoricLate 19th- to mid-20th-century house
18BA330ADolfield Farmstead/Caretakers House9Baltimore CountyHistoriclate 19th- to 20th-century farmstead/tenant house
18BA331House Site #16Baltimore CountyHistoricLate 19th- to late 20th-century tenant house
18BA332Tenant House Site4Baltimore CountyHistoricMid-19th- to mid-20th-century African-American tenant house
18BA370Todd's Inheritance4Baltimore CountyHistoricMid- to late 17th- to 20th-century plantation
18BA394Owings Mill Newtown Site A1Baltimore CountyPrehistoricTemporary short-term prehistoric occupation
18BA409Historic Site #1/Hoff/Dorsey29Baltimore CountyHistoric/PrehistoricMiddle Woodland short-term camp; Late 18th- to early 19th-century house site
18BA433Lyonsfield Run III9Baltimore CountyPrehistoricEarly to Middle Woodland short-term resource procurement
18BA444Grant Site8Baltimore CountyPrehistoricLate Woodland base camp
18BA445UMBC-12Baltimore CountyHistoric/PrehistoricLate 18th- to 20th-century farmstead; prehistoric lithics
18BA470AVW/Area 9/Site 211Baltimore CountyHistoricMid-19th to early 20th-century house site
18BA526AVW/Area 2/Site 31Baltimore CountyHistoricLate 19th-century artifact concentration
18BA531AVW/Area 2/Site 81Baltimore CountyHistoricLate 18th- or early 19th- to 20th-century artifact concentration
18BA536AVW/Area 5/Site 16Baltimore CountyHistoricMid-19th- to early 20th-century house site
18BA552Connemara29Baltimore CountyHistoric/PrehistoricMid 18th- to late 20th-century plantation; possible Late Archaic settlement, possible Late Woodland hunting site
18BA556E. Hensel House6Baltimore CountyHistoric/PrehistoricLate Archaic lithic scatter; 19th- to 20th-century house site
18BA564Lee Blacksmith Shop3Baltimore CountyHistoric1907-1942 blacksmith shop owned by William K. Lee
18BA565 0Baltimore County  
18BC17Robert Long House2Baltimore CityHistoricMid-18th- to 19th-century brick house; 20th-century commercial building
18BC27Federal Reserve45Baltimore CityHistoric3 block urban area in Otterbein neighborhood of Baltimore.
18BC32H and S Bakery20Baltimore CityHistoricEarly 19th-century buried midden and privies, other 19th- to 20th-century rowhouse features
18BC38Clagett's Brewery15Baltimore CityHistoric 
18BC48Albemarle Rowhouse4Baltimore CityHistoricBaltimore rowhouse built around 1815
18BC49Albemarle Rowhouse10Baltimore CityHistoricBaltimore rowhouse built c. 1810-1813. Wealthy neighborhood until mid-19th century, when became businesses and residences of middle class European immigrants
18BC50Albemarle Rowhouse10Baltimore CityHistoricBaltimore rowhouse built c. 1795; 3 story; 48 Albemarle Street. Also has archaeological features from sub-divided lots at 802 and 804 E. Lombard Street.
18BC51Levering Coffee House25Baltimore CityHistoricLate 18th- to 19th-century residential and commercial buildings, mid- and late 19th-century warehouses
18BC52Queen Street Lot 2310Baltimore CityHistoricLate 18th- to early 19th-century brick rowhouses.
18BC53Miller's Wharf1Baltimore CityHistoricTwo late 18th-century residential/commercial buildings; mid-19th century warehouse
18BC56American Can Company3Baltimore CityHistoricFive mechanically excavated trenches near Harford Run storm water drain (c. 1888) where it crosses American Can Company
18BC57Bond Street Site (London Coffeehouse)14Baltimore CityHistoricLate 18th-century brick rowhouses/taverns; early 19th-century brewery; mid-19th-century warehouse
18BC62Pier 522Baltimore CityHistoricEarly 19th century piers and fill used to create them. Also remains of tin can factory.
18BC63Pier 66Baltimore CityHistoricEarly 19th century piers and fill used to create them
18BC66Shot Tower Subway Station28Baltimore CityHistoricLot associated with 709 E. Baltimore St. Structure served as home and businesses, primarily grocery and dry goods stores. Home to bakery and grocery in last decade of 18th century.
18BC79Ruth Saloon5Baltimore CityHistoricEarly to mid-19th-century brick house and late 19th- to early 20th-century house/saloon; early 19th-century privy
18BC80Privy 19A011Baltimore CityHistoricLate 19th- to early 20th-century rowhouses and privy
18BC81Privy 31Baltimore CityHistoricEarly 19th- to early 20th-century privy
18BC82Donut Delight (Property 2)6Baltimore CityHistoric19th- to early 20th-century brick rowhouses and stove foundry.
18BC83Diggs-Johnson (MSA-06)3Baltimore CityHistoricMid-19th to mid-20th-century rowhouses
18BC84Southern Seafood (Property 10)2Baltimore CityHistoricLate 18th- to early 20th-century rowhouses and mid-19th- to early 20th-century industrial buildings
18BC85Ramcor (Property 9)2Baltimore CityHistoricMid-19th to early 20th-century rowhouses
18BC86Heat and Power Company (Property 12)2Baltimore CityHistoricLate 19th- to mid-20th-century rowhouses; urban residential
18BC88Pawley Stoneware Kiln10Baltimore CityHistoricMid-19th-century stoneware kiln
18BC89J.S. Berry Firebrick Company Pug Mill3Baltimore CityHistoricBrick making
18BC90Eliza Dorsey Site3Baltimore CityHistoricEarly 19th-century possible house site; late 19th- to mid-20th-century rowhouses
18BC101Leakin Park/Crimea1Baltimore CityHistoricEarly to mid 19th c. domestic site
18BC132826-830 Mechanics Court8Baltimore CityHistoricThree 19th-century African-American house foundations & backyard features
18BC133The Independent Grays' Privy3Baltimore CityHistoricLate 19th- to early 20th-century domestic privy
18BC135426-432 North Exeter Street21Baltimore CityHistoricSix 19th-century rowhouses and early 19th-century sugar refinery
18BC139Bull's Head Tavern47Baltimore CityHistoric18th- to 19th-century townhouse lots and tavern
18BC188Stinchcomb Farmstead5Baltimore CityHistoricMid 19th-early 20th c. farmstead within current bounds of Leakin Park
18BC195H.L. Mencken House6Baltimore CityHistoricArchaeological monitoring of construction work in rear yard of standing 1883 brick rowhouse
18CA21Wessel Site4CarolinePrehistoricStratified Early & Late Archaic and Early, Middle, & Late Woodland occupations
18CA87Tuckahoe1CarolineHistoricEarly to Middle Woodland base camp; Late Woodland scatter; 19th to 20th-century artifact scatter; mid-20th-century refuse
18CA203MD RT 404 Site A4CarolineHistoric/PrehistoricMiddle Archaic, Early Woodland short-term camp; Middle or Late Woodland hamlet; 20th-century trash
18CA239Koubek Site105CarolineHistoric/PrehistoricEarly Archaic to Late Woodland camp; Prehistoric ossuary; 18th- to 20th-century scatter; Late 19th- to 20th-century cannery
18CE14Conowingo5CecilPrehistoricLate Archaic to Late Woodland, Contact period base camp; short-term resource procurement, early 19th to 20th-century scatter.
18CE29Hollingsworth Farm28CecilPrehistoricArchaic to Woodland base camp; burial
18CE15310001-11CecilHistoric/PrehistoricLate Archaic and Late Woodland short-term resource procurement; 19th-century artifact scatter
18CH73Pomonkey North10CharlesPrehistoricPrimarily an Early to Early Middle Woodland settlement with smaller Late Archaic and Late Woodland components
18CH79Chapel Point3CharlesHistoric/PrehistoricEarly and Late Archaic short-term camp; Early-Late Woodland shell midden; 17th- to 19th-century cemetery
18CH305Camp Stanton8CharlesHistoricCivil War military encampment for U.S. Colored Troops
18CH308Two Friends Site25CharlesHistoric18th-century house site
18CH350Mathews Site19CharlesHistoric/PrehistoricEarly and Late Woodland artifact scatter; 17th-century sherd, late 18th- to 19th-century plantation house
18CH351Vulture1CharlesHistoricPossible mid-18th to early 19th-century house site
18CH352Clagett7CharlesHistoric/PrehistoricLate Woodland artifact scatter; early to late 19th-century plantation
18CH353Crabb Grass2CharlesHistoricmid-18th-century artifact scatter and possible tenant house site
18CH354Bateman Site9CharlesHistoric/PrehistoricLithic scatter (poss. Late Woodland); mid-18th-century artifact scatter and possible structure site.
18CH355Beach Site3CharlesHistoric/PrehistoricLate Archaic and Early Woodland lithic scatter; 18th-century artifact scatter on beach
18CH358Clifton Site18CharlesHistoric/PrehistoricEarly Archaic to Late Woodland short-term camps with stratified sequence; early to mid-18th-century plantation
18CH374Area 1-A, Site D1CharlesPrehistoricPrehistoric short-term camp/lithic scatter
18CH376Area A-1, Site F1CharlesHistoric/PrehistoricLate Archaic base camp; 18th-century and mid-19th to 20th-century artifact scatters
18CH377Area A-1, Site J2CharlesHistoric/Prehistoric17th- to 18th-century/Contact Period farmstead; Late Woodland unknown; possible Woodland-Contact village
18CH378Area A-1/Site L1CharlesHistoric/PrehistoricLate Archaic base camp, late 18th- to early 19th-century tenant farmstead
18CH379Area A-1/A-2, Site S A-B6CharlesHistoric/PrehistoricPrehistoric lithic scatters/short-term camps; late 18th- to 20th-century African-American farm complexes & tenant house
18CH380Area A-3, Site A2CharlesHistoric/PrehistoricLate Archaic/Early Woodland camp; Late Woodland base camp; late 18th- or early 19th-century artifact scatter
18CH381Area A-3/B-2, Site D1CharlesHistoric/PrehistoricMiddle Archaic short-term camp; Late Woodland base camp
18CH383Area B-1, Site B1CharlesPrehistoricPrehistoric short-term camp
18CH385Area B-1, Site D1CharlesHistoric/PrehistoricLate Archaic and Late Woodland short-term camp; 18th-century artifact scatter
18CH664Homeland Brick Clamp Site5CharlesHistoricHistoric brick clamp, possibly 18th or 19th century
18CH724Horse Farm #67CharlesHistoric/PrehistoricEarly Archaic & Early Woodland base camp or short-term camp; 18th-, 19th-, & 20th-century farmstead
18CH728Horse Farm #102CharlesHistoricLate 18th- through 19th- or early 20th-century possible razed cabin
18CH797Nice Bridge Shell Midden Site3CharlesPrehistoricShell midden site
18CH821Serenity's Surprise7CharlesHistoric/Prehistoricmid-17th- to early 18th-century domestic site (possible trading post); Early & Middle Woodland base camp
18CH850Oliver's Crossing6CharlesHistoric/PrehistoricMid to late 18th c. through late 19th c. tenant home site
18CR163Getty16CarrollHistoric19th- to 20th-century lime kiln and quarry
18CR224Drechsler Site4CarrollHistoric19th- to 20th-century farmstead
18CR226Lowry (Elizabeth Lowry House)10CarrollHistoricMid-19th- to 20th-century African-American extant house and site
18CV13Brewhouse1CalvertHistoricStanding 18th c. house that was birthplace of Gov. Thomas Johnson
18CV17Stearns5CalvertPrehistoricEarly & Late Archaic and Early, Middle & Late Woodland shell midden; village
18CV22Calverton7CalvertHistoric/Prehistoric17th-18th century county seat and prehistoric shell midden
18CV60Angelica Knoll1CalvertHistoricPlantation site that most likely represents the residence of Quaker Richard Johns, his family and descendants.
18CV61Ridgely Farm1CalvertHistoric/PrehistoricMulti-component prehistoric; 19th to 20th-century farmstead
18CV65Patterson I22CalvertPrehistoricEarly, Middle & Late Archaic camps and Early, Middle & Late Woodland shell midden/village
18CV83King's Reach25CalvertHistoric/PrehistoricLate 17th- to early 18th-century plantation and prehistoric camp
18CV84King's Reach Quarter7CalvertHistoric/PrehistoricLate 17th to early 18th-century house site and prehistoric camp
18CV91Smith's St. Leonard72CalvertHistoricEarly to mid-18th-century plantation, possible late 17th-century outbuilding
18CV151Bowens Road II39CalvertHistoric/PrehistoricMid-18th to mid-19th-century house site; possible slave quarter; Early Archaic & Late Woodland lithic scatter
18CV152Bowen's Road III1CalvertHistoric/PrehistoricEarly to mid-20th-century farmstead site with standing barn; prehistoric lithic scatter
18CV171Cumberland Palisaded Village63CalvertPrehistoricArchaic and Early and Middle Woodland short-term camp. Late Woodland palisaded village
18CV175Trueman's Appeal7CalvertHistoric19th-century farmstead
18CV217John's Creek Cabin3CalvertHistoric19th to early 20th-century domestic site/country store
18CV271Patuxent Point71CalvertHistoricRemnants of a 17th-century homelot and associated cemetery
18CV272Otter Site19CalvertPrehistoricMiddle Woodland base camp; Archaic to Early Woodland
18CV279Compton/Patuxent II26CalvertHistoric/PrehistoricMid- to late 17th-century homelot; Woodland camp
18CV344Chapline Place/Field Locus 8/ Young Property7CalvertHistoric/PrehistoricCluster of impermanent mid-18th to early 19th-century structures; tenant or slave; prehistoric scatter
18CV350Roberts Site4CalvertHistoric18th-century artifact concentration
18CV362Ashcomb's Quarter and Awapantop24CalvertHistoric/PrehistoricMid-17th and early 18th c. rural domestic site, Late Archaic through Late Woodland hamlet/shell midden
18CV426Sukeek's Cabin16CalvertHistoricLate 19th-to early 20th-century African-American cabin ruins
18CV474GA1 Site 16CalvertHistoricMid-19th to early 20th c. domestic site
18CV480GA1 Site 712CalvertHistoricMid-19th to early 20th c. domestic complex
18CV482GA1 Site 92CalvertHistoricLate 19th c. domestic site
18CV524Steve Embrey Site3CalvertHistoricLate 19th-early 20th century domestic sit and undated brick clamp
18DO58Horn Point1DorchesterHistoric/PrehistoricLate 17th- and 18th-century house site; Late Archaic and Middle & Late Woodland short-term camp
18DO170Shoal Creek12DorchesterHistoric/PrehistoricEarly Archaic to Late Woodland possible base camps or hamlets; 19th-century domestic scatter
18DO173State Hospital1DorchesterHistoric/PrehistoricPrehistoric short-term camp/lithic reduction site, late 19th- to early 20th-century possible farm building
18DO394Sites 2/82DorchesterHistoric/PrehistoricEarly Woodland base camp,Middle & Late Archaic & Middle & Late Woodland short-term camp; possible 19th- to 20th-century landing
18FR14Biggs Ford34FrederickPrehistoricLate Woodland village with 12 burials
18FR17Nolands Ferry17FrederickHistoric/PrehistoricPaleoindian, Archaic, and Woodland base camp and Late Woodland village; possible early 18th-century house
18FR18Rosenstock24FrederickPrehistoricLate Woodland Village
18FR21Wiles I1FrederickPrehistoricPaleoindian (possible), Middle and Late Archaic, and Early, Middle and Late Woodland short-term resource procurement
18FR82Rose Hill Manor1FrederickHistoric/PrehistoricLate 18th-to 20th-century plantation; Middle & Late Woodland short-term resource procurement
18FR110Wiles II1FrederickPrehistoricLate Archaic and Early, Middle and Late Woodland short-term camp
18FR134Schiefferstadt8FrederickHistoric/PrehistoricLate Archaic & Late Woodland short-term camp & base camp; mid-18th- to 20th-century standing stone house
18FR320Catoctin Foundry27FrederickHistoricLate 18th-century mill race; early to mid-19th-century iron foundry/forge
18FR321Catoctin Bathhouse, Spring, Race29FrederickHistoricLate 18th to early 20th-century bathhouse and raceway
18FR32318FR323 Catoctin/Renner Burial Ground36FrederickHistoricLate 18th to early 19th-century African-American cemetery
18FR324Catoctin/Carty House5FrederickHistoric19th- to early 20th-century log house foundations
18FR327Catoctin Race Pond1FrederickHistoricEarly 19th- to 20th-century race pond
18FR328Catoctin Three Ore Mines8FrederickHistoricLate 18th- to 19th-century ore mines, charcoal road, and raceway head
18FR333Catoctin Stack 2 Casting Shed16FrederickHistoricLate 19th- to early 20th-century iron furnace stack and casting shed.
18FR575Birely Tannery27FrederickHistoriclate 18th - early 20th c. tannery complex
18FR592Double Pipe Creek1FrederickPrehistoricLate Archaic short-term resource procurement camp
18FR612SHA Site 28FrederickHistoric/PrehistoricMid-19th- to 20th-century farmstead ruin. Possible saw mill (per map); prehistoric lithic scatter
18FR633Shriner2FrederickHistoric/PrehistoricPrehistoric lithic scatter; early 19th- to 20th-century farmstead
18FR636Barbara Fritchie Tea Room19FrederickHistoricLate 18th- to 19th-century urban standing brick house
18FR7315-11FrederickHistoricLate 18th- to early 19th-century possible tenant house site
18FR735Reed-Stitely House3FrederickHistoricMid-19th- to early 20th-century worker's housing/log structure
18FR750Monocacy Blvd Bridge9FrederickPrehistoricEarly & Late Woodland short-term resource procurement/possible base camp
18FR788PORMARC80FrederickHistoric/PrehistoricLate 19th- to 20th-century residential town lots, church & cemetery; Middle Archaic & Early Woodland lithic scatter
18FR808Cannon Bluff1FrederickHistoric/PrehistoricLate 18th- to mid-19th-century artifact scatter; Late 19th-to 20th-century farmstead; prehistoric lithic scatter
18FR853Burhans8FrederickHistoric/PrehistoricPrehistoric lithic scatter; mid-19th-century frame house and lot
18FR984Glenda's Yard5FrederickHistoricMid- to late 19th- and early to mid-20th-century farmstead
18FR989Brengle Site6FrederickHistoricLate 19th-to early 20th-century dwelling, blacksmith shop, farm, and lime kiln
18FR1101Visitation Academy19FrederickHistoricCatholic school
18FR1110Arnold Farm3FrederickHistoric/PrehistoricMid-18th c. standing stone residence and prehistoric lithic scatter
18FR1112Crampton's Gap1FrederickHistoricBattlefield during Civil War
18GA23Friendsville Site172GarrettHistoric/Prehistoricmulti-component Archaic-Woodland site, Monongahela village, early 19th century component
18GA303James Drane House7GarrettHistoricLate 18th- to 20th-century English and German American homestead
18HA30Old Baltimore24HarfordHistoric/PrehistoricLate 17th-early 28th c. townsite and cemetery, Late Archaic and Woodland short-term resource procurement
18HA148Harford Furnace63HarfordHistoric19th-century iron furnace complex
18HA167Hickory4HarfordHistoric/PrehistoricLate Archaic base camp, late 18th- to early 19th-century artifact scatter
18HA176Bishop4HarfordHistoric/Prehistoric18th-to 19th-century farmstead, unknown prehistoric context
18HA242Quiet Lodge7HarfordHistoric/PrehistoricSite of standing c. 1740 National Register house
18HA249Archer1HarfordHistoric/PrehistoricLate Archaic-Early Woodland short-term resource procurement; late 18th- to early 20th-century farmstead
18HA253Gunpowder Meeting House1HarfordHistoricStanding c. 1840 Methodist meeting houes at Aberdeen Proving Ground
18HO19Deep Run 64HowardHistoric/PrehistoricLate Archaic & Late Woodland camp; 18th-century artifacts
18HO33Lower Deep Run West1HowardPrehistoricPrehistoric lithic scatter
18HO52Deep Run Quarry2HowardHistoric/PrehistoricEarly, Middle, & Late Archaic and Early & Late Woodland camp; 19th-century log house site
18HO80Simpsonville Stone Ruins40HowardHistoric18th-, 19th- and 20th-century rural town or village
18HO149Heritage Heights3HowardHistoric/PrehistoricEarly & Middle Archaic camp and late 19th- to early 20th-century house site
18HO190Sorrell1HowardPrehistoricLate Archaic and Woodland short-term resource procurement camp
18HO203Schultz Farm #11HowardHistoric/PrehistoricPossible Paleoindian and Early Woodland quarry; 19th-century house
18HO206Beehive2HowardPrehistoricLate Archaic short-term procurement camp and lithic quarry.
18HO254Montjoy8HowardHistoricLate 18th- to 19th-century occupation; 19th-century standing farmstead
18HO261S. Ridgely Saw Mill8HowardHistoric/PrehistoricEarly 19th- to early 20th-century sawmill; prehistoric lithic scatter
18HO266Haslup/Burns House22HowardHistoric/PrehistoricMid 19th- to mid-20th-century farmstead; prehistoric lithic scatter
18HO284Haddinot Locus A-130HowardHistoricLate 18th-early 20th c. residential site
18HO298Lisbon Hotel14HowardHistoricHotel from first decade 19th century to present, includes standing hotel, ruins of Caleb Pancost home, and landscape features
18HO299Poplar Springs9HowardHistoricEarly 19th to mid 20th century commercial and residential site
18HO300Wilson Cabin1HowardHistoricDomestic site that may have been part of an inn or tavern on National Road
18HO301Robert's Inn9HowardHistoricEarly to mid-19th century standing stone hotel/tavern
18KE292Buck Site2KentHistoricc. 1660-1700 trash pit
18KE352Caulk's Field1KentHistoricWar of 1812 battlefield
18MO1Hughes Site65MontgomeryPrehistoricLate Woodland village and burials; Late Archaic and Early & Middle Woodland smaller component
18MO13Mason Island II22MontgomeryPrehistoricLate Woodland village site in the Potomac Piedmont
18MO274Newton Site1MontgomeryPrehistoricPrehistoric base camp
18MO304Ege-Layhill1MontgomeryPrehistoricEarly Archaic and Early Woodland short-term camp
18MO314Brothers Content1MontgomeryHistoricMid-19th- to 20th-century farmstead cemetery; possible African-American school.
18MO324Magruder House12MontgomeryHistoricLate 18th-century plantation; main house still standing
18MO379E.J. Chiswell Farm Complex Ruins6MontgomeryHistoricLate 18th- to 20th-century farmstead
18MO383J.A Jones Farm Complex3MontgomeryHistoricLate 19th- to 20th-century farmstead
18MO409Edwin Waters House1MontgomeryHistoric19th-century farmstead
18MO609Jackson Homestead/Fairland Branch13MontgomeryHistoric/PrehistoricLate 19th- to early 20th-century African-American homestead; Early to Late Archaic and Early and Late Woodland short-term camp
18MO635Stoney Springs Site 25MontgomeryHistoricLate 19th- to 20th-century house site
18MO639Stoney Springs Site 61MontgomeryHistoric19th- to 20th-century farmstead
18MO745Sibley Site5MontgomeryHistoric19th c. house, destroyed in early 20th c.
18MO748Colletan Site4MontgomeryHistoricMid-19th to mid-20th century domestic site
18MO778Gaither Howard Site9MontgomeryHistoricLate 18th c. Anglo-American and African American stone and frame house and farmstead ruins
18PR9Billingsley Site9Prince GeorgesPrehistoricEarly, Middle and Late Archaic, Middle and Late Woodland, base camps
18PR33Warfield Site1Prince GeorgesPrehistoricLate Archaic and Early, Middle and Late Woodland short-term camp or base camp
18PR94Indian Creek V/Indian V Site35Prince GeorgesPrehistoricEarly and Late Archaic base camp
18PR96Indian Queen Tavern39Prince GeorgesHistoric/PrehistoricLate 18th- to early 19th-century tavern; 19th-century residence/funeral home/ cabinetmaker; Archaic & Late Woodland
18PR131Broad Creek5Prince GeorgesPrehistoricLate Archaic and Early to Late Woodland base camps.
18PR135Belair Mansion38Prince GeorgesHistoric/Prehistoric18th- to 20th-century plantation.
18PR174Kettering Park1Prince GeorgesPrehistoricLate Archaic-Woodland base camp; short-term resource procurement
18PR175Addison Plantation/Oxon Hill822Prince GeorgesHistoricLate 17th- to 19th-century plantation
18PR225Melwood Park50Prince GeorgesHistoric18th- to 19th-century plantation complex
18PR290Bealle Hill Site1Prince GeorgesHistoric/PrehistoricEarly and Late Archaic and Early and Late Woodland short-term camp/quarry; 19th- to 20th-century farmstead ruin
18PR317Obarr Site1Prince GeorgesPrehistoricEarly and Late Woodland short-term hunting encampment
18PR321PD #11Prince GeorgesHistoric/PrehistoricMiddle Archaic, Woodland base camp; 18th-to 19th-century artifact concentration
18PR323PD #44Prince GeorgesPrehistoricLate Woodland base camp with shell midden
18PR370ADDWAT V-21Prince GeorgesHistoric/PrehistoricMiddle Woodland, Late Woodland ceramic scatter; 19th-century artifact concentration
18PR373ADDWAT V-51Prince GeorgesPrehistoricLate Woodland ceramic scatter
18PR374AADWAT V-61Prince GeorgesHistoric/PrehistoricLate Woodland ceramic scatter; possible 19th-century structure
18PR376Lower Notley Hall13Prince GeorgesHistoric/PrehistoricLate Woodland ceramic scatter; 18th- to 19th-century farmstead.
18PR399KCI-90-11Prince GeorgesPrehistoricLate Archaic and Late Woodland short-term resource procurement
18PR404Surratts Road #11Prince GeorgesPrehistoricArchaic and Late Woodland short-term resource procurement
18PR416Pheasants Thicket3Prince GeorgesHistoric19th- to 20th-century farmstead
18PR460Bevard-44Prince GeorgesPrehistoricLate Archaic, Early Woodland short-term camp
18PR510Willow Grove21Prince GeorgesHistoricLate 18th-to late 20th-century plantation site and cemetery
18PR557Pentland Hills2Prince GeorgesHistoric18th- to 19th-century house site; early 19th-century farmstead ruin
18PR579Beechwood3Prince GeorgesHistoric18th- to 20th-century farmstead; frame structure; artifact concentration
18PR580Bowieville Mansion1Prince GeorgesHistoric18th- to 20th-century plantation/farmstead, structures, possible slave quarter, brick kiln
18PR622Parker Berry 12Prince GeorgesPrehistoricLate Woodland to Contact period hamlet. Late Archaic short-term camp
18PR628Site 2, Area A32Prince GeorgesPrehistoricEarly to Late Archaic and Early to Late Woodland base camp or short-term camps
18PR657Area G1Prince GeorgesPrehistoricEarly & Late Archaic and Early, Middle, & Late Woodland lithic resource procurement & processing site
18PR659Oak Creek A1Prince GeorgesHistoricMid-18th- to early 19th-century possible tenant house site
18PR665Oak Creek G1Prince GeorgesHistoricEarly to mid-18th-century possible tenant house site
18PR669Oak Creek K1Prince GeorgesHistoricLate 18th- to 19th-century possible tenant house site
18PR677Oak Creek S1Prince GeorgesHistoric/PrehistoricLate Archaic short-term camp; mid-19th- to mid-20th-century house ruin
18PR692Salubria20Prince GeorgesHistoric/PrehistoricLate Woodland short-term camp; 19th-century plantation
18PR703Garretts Chance 29Prince GeorgesHistoric/PrehistoricLate Woodland lithic scatter; late 17th- to early 18th-century domestic site; possible tenant house
18PR705Pleasant Prospect43Prince GeorgesHistoricMid-18th- to early 19th-century domestic site
18PR707Fairview10Prince GeorgesHistoricLate 18th- to early 20th-century plantation/farmstead
18PR754Rose Mount6Prince GeorgesHistoricLate 18th- to mid-20th-century brick farmstead ruin; home of 21st Governor of Maryland; possible burial site
18PR833AOS1/Francis Marbury29Prince GeorgesHistoric18th-century structural foundations associated with a plantation house, kitchen and outbuildings.
18PR934Ryon Site7Prince GeorgesHistoric/Prehistoric19th-20th century standing farmstead, 18th c. house site, Middle Archaic-Middle Woodland camps
18PR950Colt's Neck4Prince GeorgesHistoricLate 19th- to mid-20th-century residence
18PR955Enclave at Beechfield A (Richard J. Duckett Site)34Prince GeorgesHistoricLate 18th to early 19th c. plantation yard associated with Richard Jacob Dockett (owned property 1754-1798) and his descendants until 1900
18PR982Magruder House12Prince GeorgesHistoric/PrehistoricMid-18th- to 20th-century stone town dwelling; Early Archaic & Early Woodland short-term camps
18PR983Market Master House21Prince GeorgesHistoric/PrehistoricMid-18th- to 20th-century stone dwelling and/or commercial establishment; Late Archaic & Woodland short-term camps
18PR1043Bladensburg Library2Prince GeorgesHistoric/Prehistoric Late Archaic/Transitional short-term camp; early 19th- to early 20th-century schoolhouse
18PR1079TRC MQ-83Prince GeorgesPrehistoricHigh density artifact concentration
18PR1081TRC MQ-102Prince GeorgesPrehistoric 
18PR1184BARC BEP Site 12Prince GeorgesHistoric/Prehistoric 
18QU28Bennett's Point9Queen AnnesHistoric/PrehistoricArchaic - Woodland lithics, Late 17th- to mid-18th-century plantation house
18QU124Queenstown Courthouse13Queen AnnesHistoricEarly 18th- to 20th-century site of former courthouse for Queenstown
18QU240Great Neck Road1Queen AnnesHistoricLate 18th- to 19th-century tenant house site
18QU987Church Hill Hunt5Queen AnnesHistoric/PrehistoricRemains of late 18th - to 19th-century farmstead and prehistoric lithic scatter
18QU990Church Hill Streetscape11Queen AnnesHistoric18th-, 19th- & 20th-century commercial & residential district; streetscape
18SO147Loretto Branch3SomersetHistoric/PrehistoricLate Archaic and Middle Woodland lithic scatter; early to late 19th-century tenant/slave house
18ST53Abells Wharf39St MarysHistoric/PrehistoricEarly-Late Archaic short-term camp; Early-Late Woodland shell midden; late 17th- to mid- 18th-century farmstead
18ST54Sotterly Plantation8St MarysHistoricEarly 18th-century plantation, mid-19th-century slave quarter
18ST61Point Lookout41St MarysHistoricMid-19th-century Civil War hospital; ca. 1830 standing lighthouse
18ST75Upper Notley2St MarysHistoricEarly 18th-century house site; mid- to late 18th-century standing structure and trash pit
18ST87St. Inigoes Manor33St Marys Mid-18th century Jesuit manor house; early 19th century weaver's house, late 19th century house; mid to late Woodland camp
18ST88Woodlawn5St MarysHistoricEarly 19th-century house and exterior kitchen
18ST272M-17 (22) Area 414St MarysHistoric/PrehistoricLate Archaic to Middle Woodland short-term camp, late 17th- and 18th-century refuse midden
18ST330St. Inigoes Manor House at Old Chapel Field4St MarysHistoric/PrehistoricLocation of second St. Inigoes Priest House and chapel, c. 1705-1755.
18ST334Puma Site3St MarysHistoric/Prehistoric 
18ST372Long Site2St MarysHistoric/PrehistoricMulti-component site--Woodland short-term resource procurement and 19th and 20th century field dumping
18ST386Antenna Field (aka Fort Point)4St MarysHistoric/PrehistoricLate Archaic and Middle Woodland short term camp, late 17th to early 18th century house site
18ST390Mattapany-Sewell15St MarysHistoric/PrehistoricEarly Archaic and Early and Late Woodland short-term camps, mid to late 17th c. manor house and armory
18ST400Charlotte Hall Academy2St MarysHistoricLate 18th- to 20th-century military academy
18ST569Myrtle Point12St MarysPrehistoricEarly & Late Archaic and Early, Middle, and Late Woodland short-term resource procurement camps or base camps
18ST570Thomas Point6St MarysPrehistoricLate Archaic and Middle-Late woodland shell midden
18ST625Steam Ship Columbus1St MarysHistoric1850 wreck of an 1828 cross head steam ship
18ST634Aud Site9St MarysPrehistoricEarly Archaic through LateWoodland short-term resource procurement camps
18ST668G-11St MarysHistoric18th-century house site
18ST670L-12St MarysHistoric/PrehistoricLate Archaic-Late Woodland short-term camps; late 17th to -mid-18th-century house site and mid-19th- to mid 20th-century scatter
18ST673P-12St MarysHistoric/PrehistoricMiddle Archaic short-term resource procurement, late 18th- to mid-19th-century artifact scatter/possible dump
18ST676AA-14St MarysHistoric/PrehistoricMiddle Woodland base camp or hamlet, late 18th- to mid-19th-century artifact concentration
18ST677AA-25St MarysHistoric/PrehistoricLate Archaic and Late Woodland short-term camp, late 17th-century farmstead
18ST704Charles' Gift126St MarysHistoricHistoric site containing 17th century (c. 1675-1695) plantation remains of Nicholas Sewall's Charles' Gift, as well as 18th and 19th century components of same plantation
18ST707Anketill's Neck8St MarysHistoric/Prehistoric17th-century plantation site, possibly of former indentured servant turned planter Francis Anketill
18ST865Locus 6-11St MarysHistoric19th to early 20th century domestic site
18TA237Poplar Island North3TalbotHistoricLate 17th- to 19th-century possible structure; artifact concentration within layers of redeposited beach sand.
18TA355Pleasant Valley Farm20TalbotHistoric/PrehistoricMid 17th- to early 18th- and early 18th- to late 18th-century house sites; standing late 18th-century farmstead; Early Archaic camp
18WA20Fort Frederick140WashingtonHistoric/Prehistoric18th- to 19th-century stone fortification; prehistoric short-term camp
18WA288Antietam Furnace Complex11WashingtonHistoric18th-century iron furnace complex, ruins
18WA454Reiff5WashingtonHistoric19th-century possible structure; artifact concentration
18WA467Ridenour Site7WashingtonHistoricLate 18th - to 20th-century farm complex
18WA487Mt. Aetna Site6WashingtonHistoric/PrehistoricEarly & Late Archaic & Early, Middle, & Late Woodland rhyolite processing; 19th- to 20th-century crossroads
18WA496Brumbaugh-Kendle-Grove Farmstead42WashingtonHistoric19th-20th c. farmstead ruin
18WA507Fox's Gap1WashingtonHistoricCivil War battlefield, part of South Mountain Battlefield, September 14, 1862
18WA631417 Jonathan Street Cabin6WashingtonHistoricStanding early 19th c. cabin in Hagerstown
18WC15Reeves53WicomicoPrehistoricLate Archaic, and Early, Middle and Late Woodland village
18WO23Nassawango Creek21WorcesterPrehistoricPaleoindian & Early, Middle, & Late Archaic & Late Woodland camp;Early Woodland Adena site
18WO165Woodcock Farm Shell Midden2WorcesterPrehistoricLate Archaic and Middle to Late Woodland period shell midden.

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